Guide for the Interviewers

The survey is an opportunity to get to know new young people and to deepen our relationship with those that we know in a superficial way. It is an oppotunity to discover what the other person is experiencing with regard to work, not only the conditions or salary but also the meaning that the experience of work has for young people. It means going right to the origins of the YCW when cardijn, still a young priest, asked the young people in the street “how are you getting on at work? what are the conditions like? What are the difficulties you face?” From this starting point you can arrive eventually at the point of proposing the Review of Life, action in the work place, Jesus Christ as a model to follow.

CIJOC-ICYCW International Survey on Young People and Work in a Globalised World

Origin of the Project
In May 2003, during a meeting of ICYCW International Chaplains - past and present – the lack of visibility of the ICYCW at international level was noted. From this came the idea of launching a big international survey on young workers.