What is the Young Christian Workers Movement?

The YCW is a movement of young people; young men and women, at work, in study-work situations, unemployed, in insecure or casual work

The three truths of Joseph Cardijn

Three fundamental truths dominate and illumine the problem of the working youth of the world. They inspire, explain, and direct us towards the solution that the Y.C.W. has to give:

1. A truth of faith. The eternal and temporal destiny of each young worker in particular and of all the young workers in general.

2. A truth of experience. The terrible contradiction which exists between the real state of the young workers and this eternal and temporal destiny.

3. A truth of pastoral practice or method. The necessity of a Catholic organization of young workers with a view to the conquest of their eternal and temporal destiny.

The life of Joseph Cardijn

  • Born on 1882 in Brussels, Belgium
  • Henry Cardijn (father)
  • Louise Cardijn (mother) – very religious
  • Loved to chat with the artisans
  • Curious boy, voracious reader, loved school
  • Very sensitive to every human suffering he met
  • At dawn he always saw factory workers going to the factories with their 7-8 years old child.
  • Belgian workers work 12-14 hours and earned a penny with no rest.

International Dimension

The expansion of the YCW in many countries helped to bring back to the consciousness of the international dimension of the life of all young workers. The YCW is opening up to this dimension progressively.

The method of the ICYCW - the Review of Life (RoL)

The ideal setting for the Review of life is a small group or team of 3 to 5 young people. It is not possible to do it effectively with a large group. If numbers are more than 7 then it is best to divide into smaller groups.
The review of life can be started very simply in a conversational way based on three questions in the context of the everyday life of a young person.
What has happened? Do you think this is ok or not? What will you do?

The CIJOC-ICYCW International Team

International President (2nd from right): Hyo Jung Park (Seraphina) from the YCW in Korea, General Secretary (Middle person in Brown shirt) Jules Adanchédé Hounkponou, from the YCW in Benin Elected during the CIJOC-ICYCW 7th International Council in Paris in July, 2008. Their mandate is from 2008 – 2012.

THE ICYCW - (International Coordination of the YCW)

The International Co-ordination of Young Christian Workers (YCW male and YCW female) abbreviated ICYCW is an international Association of the Faithful with private juridical personality, according to the Code of Canon Law in the Catholic Church.