13th November 2013, Happy Birthday Josep CARDIJN

Happy Birthday Joseph Cardjin!

In this Nov. 13 2013, you will celebrate your 131 years! Today we would like to wish you all the best and say thank you again!
You, the man, the apostle whose purpose in life was the YCW, you who came to help the young workers gain confidence in themselves, to organize and fight in a peacefully but resolute way for the promotion of employment and the worker’s rights! Tanti Auguri!
Today's leaders have not had the chance to meet you, to hear you, and yet your message still echoes today because your words were powerful and still make sense in today's world! "A young worker is worth more than all the gold in the world because son and daughter of God!" Your message of love allows us to move forward! Feliz cumpleaños!
Every day you went to conquer the youth from the cities, the youth who were losing their faith, the young people forgotten by the Church, the young people hurt by the world of work ... You were the missionary, the man who set free many generations. Your mission was to transform each young worker in a true actor in society and in the Church!
Today we take the opportunity to celebrate the day of the YCW in international level!
Cardjin, you who clearly saw that the social struggle has taken global dimensions: the distance between the underdeveloped world and the developed world is more disturbing each day! and the heart of this gap located on both sides the workers! your concern about the working class must be continued! Joyeux anniversaire!
Happy Birthday to you Joseph Cardjin but also HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all YCWs in the world!
If you were here with us today, you would say: Forward! The work to be done is big and is only the beginning!