ICYCW 8th International Congress to Promote International Solidarity

Delegates from YCW movements around the world met at the 8th International Congress of the ICYCW (International Coordination of Young Christian Workers). Together, they produced a new future plan for 2012-2016. This plan meets the needs and expectations of young workers at continental and International level. The International Congress is organised every 4 years and during this meeting delegates share the reality young people face in their respective countries, as well as ideas from their movements.

Together they discuss, reflect and decide a common strategy to improve the lives of young workers and to increase their profile in International institutions. This year, the International Congress was based on the theme ‘Class of 2012: Building a School for Life’ and was held at Alton Castle in England from the 25th of August to the 5th of September 2012. The delegates presented profiles of young people living in their countries that highlighted the issues of unemployment, poor living conditions, inagequate housing, precarious employment and unaffordable education costs. These difficulties affect the dignity of every young person in the world. For the next 4 years, the YCW movements will continue to work together to build a School for life. The ICYCW is commited to improve and focus on International solidarity and communication between countries and the representation of movements at continental and International level. To implement the future plan, a new structure will be put in place to promote the active participation of movements in the world wide development and extension of the YCW.

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