Fr. Jack Trisolini has passed away

Fr. Jack Trisolini, from South Korea, has sadly passed away.

He was the ICYCW Continental Chaplain for Asia and he worked very hard for young people and for YCW to show that the Kingdom of God grows in and amongst the workers.

In the hope of eternal life through the risen Jesus Christ we give thanks to God for his life and testimony.

World Day for Decent Work 07-10-2010

Manifesto of the YCW European Movements
World Day for Decent Work - 7th October 2010

Today, throughout Europe we celebrate on the 7th of October, the International Day of Decent Work. Every day, young people are faced with situations of unemployment, precarious working contracts, job instability, cash in hand jobs without contracts, low wages, undue pressures from employers, lose of rights and harmful working conditions. These situations offend the dignity of the young and do not allow them to face their future with confidence. Frustration exists; the young people don’t feel that their contribution is valued and this is reflected in not only their work but also in amongst their families, friends and neighbourhoods.

The new generation of young workers, are human beings with dignity and they have a right to a better life. They cannot just be discarded in order to earn better profits. Europe cannot run the risk of losing the immense skills and potential that young workers possess by destroying hope, willing and initiative. Young people need chances, autonomy, emancipation and relevant qualifications so that the development and growth of societies are guaranteed.

In this context, the fight for decent work is essential to construct a just Europe so everyone can live in solidarity with each other. Each young worker must be aware of his dignity and realise the importance of preserving it. In order to share in this reality we must gather together all the workers, especially all our young work colleagues to fight for the good of everybody.

“Proclaiming Jesus Christ in Asia Today”

The ICYCW International President and the International Chaplain attended the “Congress of Lay Catholics in Asia” in Seoul, South Korea, from 31 August to 5 September 2010.
This congress was organised by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, in close collaboration with the Episcopal Commission for the Laity of the Korean Bishop­s’ Conference and the National Council of Laity in that country.