Solidarity for Haiti

JOC HaïtiDear Friends,
Greetings from the ICYCW International Secretariat!
We all know through the media about the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti and we can only imagine how they are suffering.
The International Secretariat has been trying to get some news about the YCW members in Haiti through every possible means open to us. However we have heard nothing yet.
We will of course continue to contact Haiti and when we receive any news about them, even the smallest item, we will inform you immediately.
If you have any contact in Haiti, or if you know any way to get in touch with them, please let us know.
Close to us there are a lot of initiatives to participate in solidarity for Haiti.
Please get involved where you can in this solidarity and please pray for the victims of this disaster and their bereaved families.
May the Lord give the victims the peaceful, eternal life of his Kingdom and may many people in other countries, as a family, help and support the surviving people in Haiti to continue their lives with courage and strength of spirit.
Thank you very much.
From the members of the ICYCW International Secretariat
«If you keep the Law of the Kingdom, according to Scripture: “Love your neighbour as yourself”, you do well». (James 2, 8)