The Dialogue between the ICYCW (International Coordination of Young Christian Workers) and IYCW (International Young Christian Workers)*


The International Secretariat of the ICYCW and of the IYCW met on 16th and 17th February 2010, in the Headquarters of IYCW in Brussels, Belgium.
From the IYCW side, President, Treasurer and Chaplain, and from the ICYCW side, President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Chaplain participated in this dialogue. A moderator helped in order for this dialogue to be focused on the planed objectives. The dialogue consisted of the ‘day of sharing’ and the ‘day of discovering’.
The National Member Movements of the ICYCW passed a Resolution to continue the dialogue between the ICYCW and the IYCW at the ICYCW 8th International Council in 2008. According to this Resolution, the ICYCW International Secretariat asked the IYCW International Secretariat to have an official meeting. The IYCW International Secretariat accepted this proposal and both Secretariats confirmed the agenda of the meeting.
The objectives of this meeting were like the following:
- To share and discover the reality of the young workers and the work of the National Movements
- To share and discover the reality of the International Organisations (ICYCW-IYCW)
- To discover the similarities and the differences between the ICYCW and the IYCW at present
- To plan for the next process.
On the day of sharing, the participants had a session for sharing the purpose of YCW and the way of working with young workers to fulfil the purpose.
They shared what the Declaration of Principles of each Organisation says about the purpose of the YCW and how their National Movements work with young workers, contact and organise them. Also they shared about how their National Movements follow the ‘Review of Life’ or ‘Review of Life and Workers Action’.
On the day of discovering, they started to speak to discover the reality of both International Organisations. Each Secretariat presented the work and role of Organisation and its International Secretariat, how the Secretariat works with the National Movements, what each Secretariat does at the international level and how the Organisation works with the Church.
And then both Secretariats spoke about their strengths, challenges and convictions.
In the end, the moderator presented the main common and different points between two Organisations. The both Secretariats will sign on the common Report which will be submitted by the moderator. 
Both Secretariats decided to continue the dialogue between them in order to improve the relationship and to make the voice of young workers strongly in the Church and in the Society.
The next meeting will be held in the first half year of 2011.
The following day, both Secretariats members visited together the tomb of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, the founder of the YCW.
- From the International Secretariat of the ICYCW and of the IYCW
*  According to the alphabetical order, the order of Organisation’s name was arranged like ICYCW and IYCW.
* ICYCW: International Coordination of Young Christian Workers (Address: Via dei Barbieri 22, 00186 Roma-Italia / Tel-Fax: (0039) / Email:
* IYCW: International Young Christian Workers (Address: Avenue Georges Rodenbach, 4, 1030 Bruxelles, Belgique / Tel: (0032) / Fax: (0032) / Email:

2nd Synod of the Bishops of Africa

Jules Adanchédé Hounkponou, the CIJOC-ICYCW General Secretary was invited by his Holiness POPE BENEDICT XVI to participate in the 2nd Synod of Bishops of Africain Rome, Italy on the 4th – 25th of October 2009 


Participation in the FABC OE Meeting of Eccesial Movements in Asa

Arniel M. Iway, the CIJOC-ICYCW International Coordinator participated in the FABC OE Meeting of Ecclesial Movements in Asia held in Pattaya, Thailand on 24 – 26 January 2010. 
FABC OE stands for the Federation of Asian Bishops Conference Office of Evangelization. For more details please see the attached document

Download: in Asia - Final statement.pdf

Newletter ICYCW-CIJOC on line 2009-3 English

Download: CIJOC On line 2009-3 EN.pdf

Feliz Navidad y un nuevo año lleno de bendiciones! - Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! - Joyeux Noël et bonne année pleine de bénédictions! - Felice Natale e buon anno nuovo! - ميلاد مجيد و رأس سنة سعيدة