CIJOC-ICYCW International teams

1987: the Beginning (Frascati, Italy)
The first International team members that held an office until the first International Council in Frascati, Italy in 1987 were Tommaso Panero (International President), Bernard Schrike (General Secretary), Arturo Faggio (International Treasurer) and Gianni Fornero (International Chaplain). The International Council in Frascati elected Yves Le Groux as International President Catherine Dakouo as General Secretary and Tommaso Panero as International Treasurer while Gianni Fornero remained in his function as International Chaplain. This team served the International Coordination until the following year (1988) when Paul Bassangonen took over Tommaso Panero as International Treasurer and Octave Apedo Koukdu joined as International Coordinator; this new International team managed CIJOC-ICYCW until 1990.
1990 Nairobi, Kenya
The International Council elected Giampaolo Munegato as International President and Didier Potiron as General Secretary. In 1991, Frieda De Konick was elected International Treasurer and Augustin Mondy joined as International Coordinator. In the same year, Rev. Fr. José María Rubio started his work as International Chaplain.
1993 Nantes, France
The Third International Council of CIJOC-ICYCW elected Christophe Brin as International President and Germán Gavín as General Secretary. The same team worked together until 1995 when Franco Giampalmo was elected International Treasurer and Nestor Tozoun joined International Coordinator both replacing the former office holders.
1996 Dakar, Senegal
The fourth International Council resulted in the election of Nicoletta Pisa “Nikcy” to the position of International President and Priscilla Ramsamy of General Secretary. Also in this year, Rev. Fr. José Bourau commenced his work as International Chaplain. One year later, the International Treasurer and International Coordinator were replaced by Sylvie Pierre and Antoine Gbodjinou respectively. Both remained in the International team until the new International Council in 2000.
2000 Madrid, Spain
Jubilee 2000 witnessed CIJOC-ICYCW celebrating its fifth International Council in Madrid, Spain. This meeting re elected Nicoletta Pisa as International President for another term; elected Jean-Philippe Manga as General Secretary and welcomed Rev. Fr. John Marsland who joined as International Chaplain. The same International team worked together until 2002, when Jackie Hocquet joined as International Treasurer and Víctor Fuentes as International Coordinator replacing their previous colleagues.
2004 Rome, Italy
The sixth International Council had elected Camilo Coronel as International President and Delphine Tolgo assumed as General Secretary. Jean-Philippe Manga, the former General Secretary, was elected to fill in the vacant position of nternational Coordinator for a two year period. Also, Rev. Fr. John Marsland renewed his commitment for another three years as International Chaplain. In 2005, Rev. Fr. Josep-Maria Romaguera joined as part-time International Chaplain to support the activities of the Chaplaincy.  In 2006, Lisa Vaccarino joined as International Treasurer and Arniel Iway as International Coordinator.  In 2007 Rev. Fr. Josep Maria Romaguera committed himself as International Chaplain for the next four years.
2008 Paris, France
The 7th CIJOC-ICYCW International Council elected Hyo Jung Park (Seraphina) International President and Jules Adanchédé Hounkponou General Secretary. They join the remaining 3 members of the International team made up of Lisa Vaccarino, Arniel Iway and Rev. Fr. Josep-Maria Romaguera.