On knowledge of the JOC – YCW

1 out of 4 (25.7%) of the young people in the study know the YCW very well, 1 out 3 (29.3%) had heard of it and 1 out of 2 (45%) do not know the YCW. In Latin America, the YCW is not very well known (83.1%). Latin America (3.1%) and Asia (13.4%) had the lowest percentage of young people who know the YCW well.

The data can serve as a solid base for future plans and actions to make the YCW movement known in many countries. In Asia in particular the YCW is a very weak movement in terms of numbers especially in countries where the Catholic faith is a minority or there is a strong presence, variations and dominance of non-Christian faiths. Some countries also have strict laws on converting from one religion to another. In Latin America, another factor is at play. The data however is a very good starting point for reflecting on the real nature of the movement and its Missionary work with all young workers.