THE ICYCW - (International Coordination of the YCW)

The International Co-ordination of Young Christian Workers (YCW male and YCW female) abbreviated ICYCW is an international Association of the Faithful with private juridical personality, according to the Code of Canon Law in the Catholic Church. 
Created in 1986, The ICYCW is a non-profit making organisation which coordinates 66 National Movements of the YCW - Young Christian Workers. The ICYCW supports the YCW national movements in the implementation of the project of the YCW.  It supports their development or their foundation in the countries where it does not exist yet.
It is composed of National Movements of the YCW which accept the ICYCW Declaration of Principles. These National Movements believe that this International Coordination is a means to realise their vision for the whole of working youth.
The ICYCW as an International organization of the church is recognized and maintain continuous relationships with the Vatican through the Pontifical Council of the Laity.
The objective of the ICYCW is the evangelisation of young people of the world of work and the popular milieu.
The YCW seeks to enable young people to be active collaborators with God in the work of building the new world of His Kingdom of which the Church is a visible sign. The YCW offers a faith experience of Church gradually gained through discovery of Jesus Christ, reflection in small groups on the Word of God, lived Christian experience and meaningful celebration of the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist.
The particular way in which the YCW works to fulfil its main purpose is to call young people and train them to be leaders in their daily lives and amongst others, militants and apostles for the sake of the Kingdom.”
These objectives are clearly stated in the ICYCW Declaration of Principles.
Representation. The International coordination supports the training of the persons in charge of the national movements; it supports the exchanges, the communication and solidarity between the various countries and continents. It has a role of representation of the YCW national movements and the situation of the young people, their aspirations and their actions with other organizations and international institutions.
Organization.  The CIJOC is not an international movement but a COORDINATION; the member YCW movements have the responsibility to animate it, make projects and to develop it. The International Coordination of the YCW is officially recognized by the Holy See since 1989 as an International Catholic Organisation and Association of the Faithful. For the CIJOC to fulfil its mission, the member movements of the International coordination elects an International Secretariat made up of 4 young people, accompanied by an international chaplain named by the Holy See. The CIJOC is a chance to discover the realities of the young workers worldwide, practical spiritual and militant actions and activities, and manners of implementing the project of the JOC.